We turn a smartphone into a Virtual Clinic!

A holistic solution for mobile diagnostics

iSTOC integrates Point of Care diagnostics, machine vision, mobile technology and cloud computing into one reliable platform

iSTOC has developed a disruptive mobile solution IDA (immediate diagnostics and analytics). The globally scalable end-to end solution has proven to be a powerful product and service, offering significant and innovative new business opportunities for iSTOC business partners and customers.

iSTOC  IDA Platform digitalizes and analyses lateral flow tests (LFT), including all major infectious diseases as well as blood typing, female and reproductive health and drugs of abuse.

Immediate Diagnostics and Analytics

immediate diagnostics

Immediate Diagnostics

You only need a mobile phone with a camera.

patient management

Patient management

Our Web applications ensure real-time medical guidance back to the person using the mobile app.

data management

Data management

Full integration to organizational and national databases.

ill interactive mapping

Interactive mapping

Enables real time disease surveillance, epidemic alerts, management and communication.

Ensuring better lives

iSTOC’s innovative approach to exploit mobile technology will disrupt the medical diagnostics market by changing the way how both healthcare professionals and consumers use their phones for better health.

Testimonials from customers and partners

iSTOC is growing globally, and the solution is used worldwide. Here are some quotes from our customers and partners.

iSTOC - Signove partnership 2020
Aldenor Martins


We are grateful to contribute to development of this Digital Point of Care, merging our monitoring health solution to IDA cloud and linking the information to patient Vitals and EMR.

iSTOC - Lifemed partnership
Franco Pallamolla
Chairman of the board / Lifemed (Brazil)


As a Company Lifemed is committed to save lives, and our involvement to iSTOC IDA is one step further in the demonstration of our involvement against the Covid-19 pandemic.

iSTOC - Cemag care partnership 2020
André Ulmann


Our partnership with iSTOC is a key for making our newly developed devices widely available for the benefit of our customers. With a license to the iSTOC IDA platform, CEMAG can focus on Covid-19 epidemiology and better individual access to related diagnostics.

iSTOC - Acumen partnership
Shawn Kelley


Through our partnership with iSTOC, we have developed a comprehensive, turn-key COVID-19 testing solution. The innovative IDA platform, real-time analytics and interactive mapping provide vital testing data to our clients in both the public and private sectors. Together with iSTOC, we are deploying practical, scalable, testing programs to slow the spread of COVID-19, reopen the workplace and revitalize the US economy.