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Business Newspaper Kauppalehti introduced iSTOC solution

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Finnish Business Newspaper Kauppalehti wrote about iSTOC mobile diagnostics solution as a tool for analyzing covid-19 rapid test results. Mobile application and diagnostics platform developed by iSTOC can be used for reading and digitizing test results, as well as for analyzing the spread of the virus in real time.

CEO Jarmo Järvenpää states in the article that mobile diagnostics solution can be used together with rapid test from different manufacturers, as iSTOC cooperates with all the biggest manufacturers who have covid-19 tests in their portfolio. Tests are integrated in the diagnostics platform, and the quality of the tests is verified.

According to Järvenpää, with mass screening it’s possible to find out how big part of certain population has already unknowingly suffered from covid-19. Mass screening with rapid tests is cost-efficient, and the results are available in minutes instead of waiting for laboratory results for days. Järvenpää says that mass screening could be piloted in Finland for example in city of Oulu, with population around 200 000 people. For now iSTOC diagnostics solution has been marketed mostly to third world countries with large population, where it’s not possible to perform laborious laboratory-based testing. However, iSTOC is ready to deliver diagnostics platform and rapid tests also to health organizations in western countries.

The whole article can be read in Finnish in Kauppalehti print magazine published on April 21st, and the facsimiled copy of the magazine on their web pages.

Cover picture of Jarmo Järvenpää by Kai Tirkkonen, Kauppalehti