New partnership for iSTOC in USA

New partnership for iSTOC in the United States

iSTOC is growing globally, and we are pleased to announce a new partnership in the United States, where we are working together with Acumen Health Intelligence. The mission of Acumen is to work around the clock to develop and deploy practical, scalable testing solutions, helping to slow the spread of COVID-19, reopen the workplaces, revitalize the economy, and restore faith in American institutions. Acumen has US license to pair iSTOC software with their highly accurate antibody tests.

Shawn Kelley, the CEO of Acumen states that collaboration with iSTOC supports their goals in fighting the COVID-19. “Through our partnership with iSTOC, we have developed a comprehensive, turn-key COVID-19 testing solution. The innovative IDA platform, real-time analytics and interactive mapping provide vital testing data to our clients in both the public and private sectors. Together with iSTOC, we are deploying practical, scalable, testing programs to slow the spread of COVID-19, reopen the workplace and revitalize the US economy.”

Jarmo Järvenpää, the CEO of iSTOC is excited to work with Acumen Health Intelligence. “We share the same passion towards mobilizing clinicians, laboratories and nursing staff and supporting regular testing, allowing workplaces to open up again and people to get back to normality the soonest. This partnership pairs the iSTOC IDA platform with the goal-oriented testing programs of Acumen, and brings significant strategic synergies in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 in the US.”

Sayed Jawed, Sales Director at iSTOC states that by bringing patient’s data, potential contact with COVID-19 positive person(s) information and patient’s current COVID-19 symptoms with the iSTOC AI driven test results on a single screen for a doctor’s review and prognosis in real-time, iSTOC truly delivers on the promise for the effectiveness remote diagnostics and screening to address the global pandemic.

iSTOC software provides multiple layers of oversight to mitigate the potential risk of test misinterpretation. First, the certified field technician and the patient can both view and interpret the result. Then, using the iSTOC app on a smartphone, a photo of the test is scanned in and the software accurately interprets the result as well. Then, a clinician (accessed virtually or in person) can confirm the result and build a care plan if necessary. Through this method, there are 4 layers of oversight to mitigate the possibility of test misinterpretation. iSTOC Software can also be used to digitally create individual, verified records of health that are easily accessible through smartphones.

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