We fight against coronavirus

We work together with our partners to help countries and organizations to control COVID-19

iSTOC is specialized in immediate diagnostics and analytics, and has launched rapid tests that can detect antibodies for different infectious diseases from a small drop of blood, and a mobile diagnostics solution for analyzing the test results and geographical mapping the spread of infectious diseases, like COVID-19.

Lateral flow tests (LFTs) are the backbone of point of care diagnostics and have been around for some 20 years, with more than 700 million tests performed annually. Unlike PCR tests, LFT’s detect the antibodies for diseases like Covid-19, which means that LFTs do not show early acute infections, but they can detect infections beyond the first 14 days of the infection after which PCR does not work anymore.

LFTs are also extremely useful in pre-selecting who should be tested with PCR in the first place, allowing for massive savings. Moreover, in combination with the iSTOC IDA platform, LFTs provide real time information about individual and collective immunity and disease trends.