iSTOC in collaboration with CEMAG Care France | iSTOC News

A new strategic partnership for France and beyond

We at iSTOC are happy to announce a new partnership in France, where we are working with CEMAG Care to develop better diagnostics. iSTOC and CEMAG share a common vision to make the highest quality medical products available and affordable for everyone.

This new partnership is exemplary of iSTOC’s growth in new markets, making new partnerships and delivering IDA (immediate diagnostics and analytics) solutions around the globe. The iSTOC IDA is a holistic turnkey solution for Point of Care diagnostics, incl. infectious diseases, blood grouping, and reproductive health. iSTOC IDA is FDA and CE certified and compliant with both GDPR and HiPAA. All health data is stored inside of our customers’ national borders. iSTOC enables and follows WHO Guidelines for Infectious Disease Control Programs.

CEMAG Care’s mission is to answer patients’ medical needs by developing and commercializing innovative medical devices and drugs by allowing access of these treatments to populations in need. CEMAG Care, health company founded by André Ulmann, MD, PhD, fosters innovative healthcare research projects into viable commercial products (drugs, medtech, biotech) and brings them to patients. With a license to the iSTOC IDA platform, CEMAG can focus on Covid-19 epidemiology and better individual access to related diagnostics.

Aside from Covid-19, iSTOC engages with the new partner in developing new innovative products for fertility and other point of care diagnostics – using machine vision, AI, and certified safe data management. Already in 2021 CEMAG Care will make available a ground-breaking device for Women’s healthcare in combination with iSTOC’s IDA technology, as well as further undisclosed product and service developments for France and developing countries.

Joachim Delventhal, iSTOC CRO and Sales Director for Africa and Europe states that “We are lucky to work with CEMAG Care. There is a strategic synergy between their unique product portfolio and our globally recognized PoC diagnostics solutions. But we also share a passion for reproductive health and a strong ambition to make world class diagnostics available and accessible for everyone.” For André Ulmann, CEMAG Care’s President, “this partnership is a key event for making our newly developed devices widely available for the benefit of our customers”

Cover picture by www_slon_pics from Pixabay