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iSTOC partners with Loop Insights to provide a complete end-to-end Covid-19 management platform in Europe and beyond

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iSTOC is pleased to announce that the company has signed a referral and partnership agreement with Loop Insights Inc. (Loop) to provide a complete end-to-end integrated Covid-19 management platform consisting of rapid mobile testing, integrated lab results, venue tracing with real-time, automated exposure alert notification capabilities. The platform will help governments, hospitals, stadiums, HR administration, campuses, airlines, cruise ships, and resorts to open up again and operate safely.

As part of the agreement with Loop, iSTOC’S front end testing application and Loop’s AI-powered data platform will integrate to deliver a turnkey end to end Covid-19 management solution. Loop Insights Inc. is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company that delivers transformative artificial intelligence (AI) automated solutions, whereas iSTOC is the global leader in immediate diagnostics & analytics (IDA) of infectious diseases. Approved by FDA, CE, and HIPAA compliant, iSTOC’s real-time dashboard machine learning leverages “big data” to enable comprehensive review and ensure a safer workplace.

The companies have partnered to deliver a fully compliant solution with both FDA and European regulations and is also HIPAA compliant. Leveraging Loop’s anonymized digital ID and digital wallet application with iSTOC’s leading testing and mobile telemedicine application will provide a combined solution that offers safety and data security while protecting all personally identifiable information. With iSTOC, Loop Insights has established a comprehensive end-to-end testing and venue tracing solution that can be integrated into any physical environment, allowing government and private sector organizations to reopen and resume operation safely.

As a result of the partnership, the companies now can offer rapid test and lab results to any organization searching for a complete end-to-end Covid-19 solution across Europe and dozens of other countries where iSTOC has existing adoption and service contracts. The combined product offering featuring Loop’s end-to-end solution will focus on large scale government opportunities, hospitals, stadiums, long-term care facilities, construction sites, HR administration, campuses, airlines, cruise ships, resorts, and government and corporate buildings.

iSTOC’s CEO Jarmo Järvenpää stated: “Loop Insights’ venue tracing platform is the perfect complement to our best in class immediate diagnostics and analytics of infectious disease application. For the first time, a combined product and service offering will enable a complete end to end management solution.”

Loop Insights CEO Rob Anson stated: “I am very honoured for the opportunity to partner with Jarmo and his world-class team at iSTOC. These have been very trying times, and as we head into the fall/winter months, every country is in desperate need of a complete transformative solution that enables the resumption of in-person schooling, travel, commerce, and a return of spectators to live events. This is a very big day for the company as the partnership with iSTOC positions us as a true global leader regarding complete Covid-19 management solutions.”

Loop Insights Inc. is a Vancouver-based Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology company that delivers transformative artificial intelligence (“AI”) automated marketing, contact tracing, and contactless solutions to the brick and mortar space. Its unique IoT device, Fobi, enables data connectivity across online and on-premise platforms to provide real-time, detailed insights and automated, personalized engagement. Its ability to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure, and customize campaigns according to each vertical, creates a highly scalable solution for its prospective global clients that span industries. Loop Insights operates in the telecom, casino gaming, sports and entertainment, hospitality, and retail industries, in Canada, the US, the UK, Latin America, Australia, Japan, and Indonesia. Loop’s products and services are backed by Amazon’s Partner Network.

iSTOC is a Finland-based health-tech company that operates globally and is a preferred vendor for several health organizations. iSTOC integrates Point of Care diagnostics, machine vision, mobile technology and cloud computing into one reliable platform. iSTOC has developed a disruptive mobile solution IDA (immediate diagnostics and analytics). The end-to end solution has proven to be a powerful product and service, offering significant and innovative new business opportunities for iSTOC partners and customers around the world. iSTOC IDA Platform digitalizes and analyses lateral flow tests (LFT), including all major infectious diseases as well as blood typing, female and reproductive health and drugs of abuse.