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iSTOC integrates Point of Care diagnostics, machine vision, mobile technology and cloud computing into a one reliable platform.

iSTOC has developed a disruptive mobile solution IDA (immediate diagnostics and analytics). The globally scalable end-to end solution has proven to be a powerful product and service, offering significant and innovative new business opportunities for iSTOC business partners and customers.

IDA IDR (Infectious Diseases Reader) is a turnkey solution for healthcare professionals in Point of Care diagnostics for infectious diseases. The IDA IDR solution consists of a smartphone mobile reader application and an IDA backend solution.

The smart phone mobile reader application is used to digitize and analyze lateral flow tests, while the IDA backend solution provides analysis, support and dynamic configuration for the supported lateral flow tests. With very minimal instructions even to untrained staff, the IDA IDR solution can be deployed to capture digitized diagnostic data. The data can be verified and analyzed from LFTs tests in 3 simple steps:


User downloads the IDA application to a smartphone and takes a rapid diagnostic test


User scans the test using the IDA application. Scan result is instantly analyzed.


IDA application sends the test result to the IDA Secure Cloud for instant feedback.

IDA mobile application

IDA mobile application allows the smartphone user to rapidly record outcome of LFTs by using the device camera. In addition to a digital storage of the measurement data, the IDA IDR mobile application provides a safely stored image of the LFT test outcome.

Variety of lateral flow tests are supported. New test types can be configured onto the system in just a matter of days. Currently the following tests are included:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • HIV
  • HAV
  • HBV
  • HCV

IDA mobile application supports additional data related to a test scan. For example, pertinent and appropriate patient and GPS location information can be provided. All information is automatically sent to the IDA Secure Cloud and made available for the healthcare professionals.



IDA Secure Cloud

IDA Secure Cloud has a set of web applications and services that can be used through a standard web browser – using either a PC, Mac or tablet devices.

These services enable the healthcare professional at a central care facility to view any data created during a LFT scanning process. It allows the healthcare professional to collaborate in real time with the mobile application user.

The backend service provides tools for visualizing both test results and different activities performed within the service. This helps to further analyze the LFT test scans and provides the foundation for data analytics.

IDA Secure Cloud can be used to configure additional LFT tests. The IDA mobile application automatically synchronizes supported LFT test information. Automatic synchronization increases functionality without the need to deploy new version of the mobile application.

Any personally identifiable data stored to the IDA Secure Cloud is strongly encrypted. All data access services use SSL for encryption.

iSTOC IDA reader is more accurate than a human eye

Based on thorough international product validations and publications, IDA reader accuracy is better than test result assessment by visual inspection.


Summary of IDA benefits

  • Immediate diagnostics without costly hardware setups – only a smartphone is necessary
  • Web applications in the IDA Secure Cloud ensure real-time medical guidance back to the mobile application user
  • No attachments – no additional hardware – no additional trainings or wires are required
  • Seamless data management integration into client / stakeholder information systems
  • Disease surveillance and real time epidemic alerts via interactive mapping
  • Lateral flow test quality control and quality assurance


iSTOC has patent protected the essential elements its end-to-end solution. IDA solution also complies with FDA and European regulations, and is also HIPAA compliant thus guarantying product safety and data security of personally identifiable information.

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