iSTOC partnership in Brazil

New partnerships in Brazil

We at iSTOC are happy to announce new partnerships in Brazil, where we are working together with Lifemed and Signove Tecnologia S/A. Lifemed is a leader in medical devices in Brazil, whereas Signove is a leader in remote monitoring. With iSTOC IDA platform these companies are able deliver a digital Point-of-Care solution for slowing down the spread of COVID-19 in Brazil.

Lifemed intends to launch a set of services that will ease the path of Brazilian Health Services fighting the pandemic. Brazil is a huge country with 210 million inhabitants, and an urgent need to massively test the population. Opportunities to test with focus on getting back to work and opening up commercial areas have been a challenge, and mostly the testing has been done without enough data. Lifemed with its keen to innovations and Signove with the focus to link the solution to local health services, will boost the capabilities of the mass screening in Brazil. Using iSTOC IDA platform enables also geo-locating every result and creating acting information for local health services.

As a Company Lifemed is committed to save lives, and our involvement to iSTOC IDA is one step further in the demonstration of our involvement against the pandemic, states Franco Pallamolla, Lifemed’s chairman of the board. Aldenor Martins, Signove’s CEO is looking forward to the results of the collaboration: “We are grateful to contribute to development of this Digital Point of Care, merging our monitoring health solution to IDA cloud and linking the information to patient Vitals and EMR.” Jarmo Järvenpää, CEO of iSTOC is glad to begin the co-operation with the Brazilian partners: “Combining the innovations of Lifemed and Signove with iSTOC IDA will significantly improve the potential of mass screening in Brazil.”

iSTOC is operating in Brazil also on another field; together with a national blood bank, we are facilitating research and clinical trials. These trials range from projects to facilitate better patient care over product development and process innovation to quality assurance and security. The use of the iSTOC IDA platform eliminates human error in testing, which is of highest importance to ensure that the blood provided from a donor to a patient is safe, and to ensure that the blood group is correct when giving blood in emergencies. iSTOC provides rapid tests for PoC AB-Rh blood group typing.

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