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Online training program: Mobile Diagnostics Professional

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The iSTOC COVID-19 Mobile Diagnostics Certified Professional (iMDCP™) is a new online training program focusing specifically on the role of Mobile Diagnostics Professional. As an iMDCP, you will gain the skills needed to carry out COVID-19 mobile diagnostics at Point of Care with in-depth knowledge and training in test safety protocols, preparing the test samples, scanning the test results using iSTOC mobile diagnostics software and cloud application.

The online iMDCP has been developed in partnership with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) in Finland. The program carries one (1) ICTS university credit with qualification certificate(s) from both KAMK and iSTOC.

To register for iSTOC COVID-19 Mobile Diagnostics Certified Professional (iMDCP™) program, please contact mr. Sayed Jawed either by email (sayed@istoc.io) or by phone (+971 52 933 4818).

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) has been a partner of iSTOC for many years in exporting rapid diagnostic expertise for infectious diseases to the international market. As part of infectious disease testing, medical and healthcare expertise is also being developed for both mobile technologies and patient work practices. KAMK has previously completed a course of study that trains nurses in Pakistan to diagnose HIV and hepatitis, among other things. The new online training program is tailored to providing knowledge on coronavirus testing protocols and preparing the samples. This, combined with iSTOC mobile diagnostics technology, enables rapid testing of COVID-19.

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