Aegirbio iSTOC PMC India 2022

Partnership with Premier Medical Corporation Private Limited in India

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STOC has new partnerships also in India, where ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has approved SureStatus COVID-19 Ag Card test kit and Sure Status app for the Indian market. This home test is manufactured by Premier Medical Corporation Private Limited, a global point-of-care diagnostics company. iSTOC, together with Premier Medical Corporation Private Limited, has launched mobile diagnostic solution for consumers to enable a rapid and reliable Covid-19 self-diagnosis.

This is a significant milestone in consumer diagnostics business for iSTOC: SureStatus consumer kit offers the consumers an easy to use self-testing solution to share their diagnostic test results in real-time with healthcare professionals and organizations. This mobile self-testing solution is also paving the way for new approaches to diagnosing, monitoring, and treating people and their conditions more efficiently e.g. in pandemic disease outbreaks and everyday patient care.