Our solution

iSTOC enables faster, easier, more accurate and less costly diagnostics

Current POC measurement devices are test-specific and usually do not have wireless connection to cloud services. Moreover, access to medical consultation and patient treatment following test result confirmation is often delayed due to heavy workload among healthcare professionals. The main drawbacks of the current POC testing methods are:

  • Limitations in diagnostics infrastructure leads to lack of Connectivity at Point of Care
  • Bureaucracy, lack of healthcare providers (HCPs), and human error are barriers to reliable diagnostic verification
  • High cost of diagnostics reduce access to best possible patient treatment
  • Too often expensive and mono-functional hardware limits the benefits of integrated mobile solutions
  • Many diagnostic manufacturers lack direct feedback from market

While developed markets, such as USA, are primarily challenged with escalating healthcare costs, developing countries face challenges with poor healthcare delivery infrastructure. However, in both developed and developing countries current centralized diagnostic services are slow, inefficient and expensive. Services must be de-centralized to address the fundamental problems in the escalating national healthcare budgets. The main drawbacks of current methods are:

Challenges with current POC diagnostics

  • Patient needs to visit clinic or hospital for diagnosis
  • Samples need to be taken to laboratories for analysis
  • Testing is time consuming and costly
  • Visual inspection of lateral flow tests may be inaccurate
  • Test results need to be recorded manually


  • Lack of data analytics – the results cannot be analyzed at group level
  • The results cannot be integrated to electronic medical records

Our solution – Infectious Disease Reader and IDA platform

IDR is a high-end application installed in a mobile device to capture data from lateral flow tests. IDA is an intelligent and secure cloud based analysis platform with instant feedback to the user.

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Nurse or doctor performs a rapid test


The test is scanned by the Reader in a mobile phone


IDA Secure Cloud test results immediately for diagnosis


Results and analysis can be accessed anywhere in the world. Communication with medical professionals can be enabled real time.

Data is encrypted with highest standards and physically stored in a highly secure and safe location.

The IDA supports a variety of lateral flow tests (LFTs) and new test types can be configured onto the system in just a matter of days.

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iSTOC IDA Advantages

  • Time is saved for better purposes
  • Patients do not need to travel to hospitals
  • LFTs/ Rapid tests are analyzed at point of care
  • No need to send tests to laboratories
  • Recording is less manual and much faster
  • Considerable costs can be saved
  • In an efficiency study, IDA solution demonstrated savings of 18 % – approximately one working day a week for a health care professional
  • Test results are more accurate
  • Reader can interpret LFT results more accurately than human eye
  • Reader calibration can be done remotely
  • Big data analysis is enabled
  • Data can be accessed from different locations.
  • Results can be analyzed on group level, immediately
  • Results can be integrated with hospital database

Take advantage of iSTOC IDA

FASTER – from days to seconds
CHEAPER – significant savings in costs
MORE EFFICIENT – always online and available
BETTER QUALITY – control measurements
EASE OF USE – no wires, trainings, or hardware setup
FAST TO DEPLOY – download client and scan the test