iSTOC partners with Summit One Source in the US to reopen the society

Partnership with Summit in the US – iSTOC IDA helps organizations to reopen

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iSTOC is pleased to announce that the company has signed a referral and partnership agreement with Summit Services Inc. dba Summit One Source (Summit). This collaboration provides a complete end-to-end integrated COVID-19 management solution consisting of rapid mobile testing, integrated lab results, and exposure alert notification capabilities. Together with Summit and other partners, iSTOC IDA solution is a part of a comprehensive testing and tracing system, that can be integrated into any physical environment, allowing organizations to safely reopen their facilities while reintroducing students, fans, or workers.

As part of the agreement with Summit, iSTOC IDA platform will bring the ability to COVID-19 rapid testing, analyzing and data management available for organizations in different fields in the US. Summit has brought together best in class partners to provide a unique approach to testing and leveraging technology to be as efficient as possible. iSTOC’s real-time dashboard decisioning leverages big data to enable comprehensive review and ensure a safer workplace.

Through the partnership with Summit, iSTOC can now provide rapid testing, immediate diagnostics and data management to organizations searching for a complete end-to-end COVID-19 solution across all 50 states of the US. The combined product offering featuring iSTOC solution will focus on stadiums, hospitals, long-term care facilities, construction sites, HR administration, campuses, airlines, cruise ships, resorts, and government buildings.

Summit’s COO Emily Jones, stated that iSTOC mobile testing platform is the perfect complement to Summit’s best in class service offering. “Our goal is to bring to market the tools and technology to enable our community to return safely to work and our children to a safe learning environment. We have listened to our client’s needs and feel that combining our technologies will allow us to provide the best available resources. iSTOC enhances our ability to provide full POC testing data and connectivity across all of our partners during this critical time.”

One of the major organizations that Summit One Source is working with is the NCAA sports league. The NCAA comprises more than thousand American colleges and universities. In an effort to help reopen American classrooms and sports facilities, iSTOC is working with Summit to offer its end-to-end COVID-19 mitigation solution, establishing a highly scalable, safe, and secure process that NCAA schools and other organizations can adopt and rely on in order to safely host future tournaments and events with confidence.

iSTOC CEO Jarmo Järvenpää is excited that iSTOC is partnering with Summit: “Our objective has always been to help our customers to improve health by enabling faster, easier, more accurate and less costly diagnostics. This partnership is fully in line with our passion to support society and organizations towards reopening and to enable people to return to normal life as soon as possible.”

Summit Services, Inc provides a full range of workforce management solutions to help companies and organizations with their most valuable asset: Their Employees. In an effort to provide innovative solutions to their clients, Summit is continually adding new services and technology to their arsenal. Read more about Summit solutions for Covid-19 in their web-pages.